Saturday, November 29, 2008

Understanding management

According to a study management is struggling to get their message across to the people working for them in their organization. Among the around 200 mid level managers interviewed 87 % feels that the strategy is not being understood. Obviously this cause problems for the organizations probably impacting even the profitability.

One other way of interpreting this is that 13 % of the managers use normal language in stead of the normal jargon filled talk that management consultants and managers use. The study however did not present any data from which we could guess if the managers themselves understood what was being communicated. Still another possibility is that the 13 % or more of the managers have misunderstood how their people understand them and just describe the worst.

Seems like this should be a good research subject for further inquiries. For improving efficiency of management this could be useful. However, I don't think that the managers will change the way they communicate, even if this was shown to be the cause.

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