Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Challange of introducing ideas into orgainzations

Bringing in consultants are often seen as a way of introducing new ideas into an organization. According to a new study done at Warwick Business School this however seems to be misleading.

It seems that managers bringing in new people hire someone like themselves. Any new idea or person introduced will not be accepted if the new person is to unlike the manager and the others in the organization.

The problem is that if the organization gets too similar there will be no diversity and very little difference of opinion, and changes needed may not find a place to evolve. If everybody is of the same opinion there is a great risk that good ideas and opportunities will be lost. Without new ideas there is likely to be stagnation while competition is evolving.

Inside diverse organizations on the other had there already exist a multitude of novel ideas that can be used. What the consultants specifically can do in a diverse environment is to bring ideas into attention. In a non diverse environment there is not very much of a possibility of introducing anything and the only thing left to do is execute whatever is planned.

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