Monday, November 06, 2006

Knowledge for public good?

I would agree with Gowers review of IP (Intellectual Property) report that public good should be considered over private rights. I guess somebody eventually will take the time to sit down and plot out a chart of the solutions to the problem, as a function of public good, private profit and the good that can bring over time of a set of different IP types, but that may not be all that useful.

The biggest problem with the IPR legislation as i see is however that the law and the public perception of what is right is diverging. I would say that the damage to coming generations perception of right and wrong simply cant be corrected if that situation is allowed to continue.

Both society and coorporations would in my opinion benefit the most if knowledge and IP works of any kind truly were open for others to mix, match and blend withingiven limits that everybody were ready to aknowledge.

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